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Check in here to learn about new schedule activities, events and simply what's new at The Dude Ranch!   Bookmark this page NOW so you can find it! Any questions? Call us (1-804-798-7900), we'll be delighted to help!


New classes now being offerered at The Ranch!  Come try Agility; a FUN sport - a FAST sport; for you and your dog!  Something a bit 'easier' on you?  How about our new TRICKS class - ending in AKC TRICKS TITLING!  Now available as a DROP IN! Did you know RALLY has some great NEW SIGNS?  Come have FUN-WITH-SIGNS! You can try out Rally as a DROP in too! Prefer the basics?  Have a new pup?  Sign-up for Life Skills and Foundations classes - developed exclusively for working with you and your wild one! 


Classes are held on a rotational schedule basis including PUPPY, CGC, Obedience & performance too. REGISTER ONLINE - Our NEW SCHEDULE is HERE!  Check-out the easy NEW CALENDAR HERE!


CANINE INFLUENZA (Canine Flu) COMMUNITY VACCINATION CLINC! Together with the Short Pump Animal Hospital, we are holding a CANINE FLU VACCINATION CLINIC here at the Ranch!  The Canine Flu is a national issue We're stepping up for our community.  Merck Labs has developed a Bivalent (H3N2 & H3N8) vaccination that is fully FDA APPROVED!  We're delighted to bring the vaccination protocol to you in with the Short Pump Animal Hospital on Sunday 8/6/17 (and again on 8/27/17) at a reduced-price and easy access vaccination for your dogs!  CLICK HERE for more information, or call us at 804-798-7900 for more information and to reserve your spot!

CONFORMATION CLASS SESSIONS by VIRGINIA KENNEL CLUB!  The Virginia Kennel Club ("VKC") continues here at the Dude Ranch to offer Conformation Classes ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS at 7pm.  Learn all about showing your dog. DROP IN CLASSES. $5!

BARN HUNT PROGRAM - Barn Hunt programs continue here at the Dude Ranch! The BHA has approved the DUDE RANCH for Barn Hunt events.  Follow us for details of upcoming tests, and trials!


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