Lodging Alternatives

Levels Of Luxury

Staying at the Dude Ranch Resort means luxurious clean comfort! Only the safest, most luxurious and comfortable facilities possible! Your choice of a Deluxe Villa or Luxury Suite; 100% INDOORS! The whole facility is fully heated & cooled and the air is continuously filtered! We are staffed 7x24. That means there is ALWAYS someone on-site WORKING at the resort!

Our Front Desk is open from 9a to 7p Monday through Saturday, and 12p to 5p Sundays & Holidays. You can check-in or just stop-on-by anytime the Front Desk is open!

And in the back?? Our staff is here ALL THE TIME. No, not sleeping, NOT "nearby", but actually on-site in the facility, working! Our night staff take regular walks, belly rubs and scritches, and make sure everyone is sleeping just fine. FULLY STAFFED - ALL DAY - ALL NIGHT: EVERY DAY; EVERY NIGHT; ALL THE TIME. Would you want it any other way?

The hard part is deciding; Stay in a Luxury Villa, with a raised platform bed, multiple fleecy blankets, room service 2x daily and three full outings - OR - Stay in a Suite, with home-style furniture, bed, even more fleecy blankets, room service 3x daily, four full outings, a flat screen TV (DVD available), and personal Night Cuddle service all included!

Check out our Virtual Tour online to see more - or just come on over!

Virtual Tour

Service Highlights

  • Quality - Integrity - Service
  • Personalized attention for each and every guest
  • 7x24 around-the-clock staffing - always ready - always here
  • 47 Acres of fields, grass, trees, lakes and more ready for fun

  • Highest Grade - Safest - Most Advanced Contruction
  • Indoors? No Chain Link or Cinder Block - Pure LUXURY
  • Tons of AC and 1000's of BTUs for true 365 day temperature control
  • Private "off-the-grid" Generator Platform for 100% continuous electricity

  • Gourmet Ultra-premium Dog Food Served (no extra charge!)
  • No Corn, No Wheat, No By-Products, USA Sourced. Nutrient Dense!
  • All bedding, bowls, toys, etc. fully provided
  • Pictures of your pet can be sent!