About Us

True Resort Operation

What makes us different? We were born / bred / established as a true PET RESORT. We didn't just 'add the word RESORT' to our name to fit the trend. We started - DAY 1 as a Resort, designed, dedicated and committed to providing the finest, highest quality services for you and your pet possible! The Dude Ranch Pet Resort® - Trademarked in the industry!

Don't be fooled by name changes and 'dancing'. Come on out and check, compare and SEE/FEEL/SMELL/TOUCH the difference!


The Dude Ranch offers individual Villas, each with raised platform beds. Upscale? We offer Luxury Suites, complete with human-grade furniture, flat screen TV's and private 1:1 night-time cuddle & relaxation. Our facility has been built with attention to providing true individual guest services. We used Hi-tech materials, including stainless steel, anti-micorbial plastics, and Ultra epoxy. Custom background music (designed by Pet Acoustic™ experts), flowing continuously, provides a true calming environment.

Resort Services

Everything at the Dude Ranch Pet Resort® was developed with a RESORT in mind. You don't carry your bed from home when you go on vacation, the hotel provides it. So do we. You don't take your TV with you either. Our luxury suites have them! We don't force your dog to sleep on cold concrete blocks with chain link fences all around them. We're a Resort! You don't take your dishes from home, the hotel restaurants provide those. So do we. Food? A Resort has gourmet top-quality food available. We do too - and at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Resort Attention

Surely when you go on vacation you expect a high level of service, courtesy, attention, safety and luxury! Absolutely the case here at the Dude Ranch Pet Resort®. Our philosophy focuses on 1:1 interaction. We're with our guests; from walking & exercise, through play and learning, right through overnight luxury lodging. Your pup is part of our family. Staffing? A great resort has the Guest Staff available for guests 7x24.... Of course! Our 7x24hr trained staff is certified to ensure the care and comfort of your pet! That's what a stay at a true resort is all about. The Dude Ranch Pet Resort®; a TRUE Resort since day one!

Special Care

Perhaps your pup is young and should get taken out multiple times daily, keeping his potty-training going. Perhaps your pup is getting on in years, and needs to be walked slowly, on easy grassy walks. Maybe a medical need, but you really don't want to lock them away at a 'hospital'...

We can ensure diets, med administration, extra walks or even lots of extra TLC and belly rubs! The Dude Ranch Pet Resort®; what award winning LUXURY SERVICE is all about!

How We Started

The Dude Ranch Pet Resort® is owned and operated by BlackNose Pet Resorts, Inc. You may recognize us from the dog world! We started in the purebred dog world, importing, exhibiting, breeding and caring for International Champion Bouvier des Flandres. We have bred and trained our Bouviers to perform in a wide variety of dog sports, while having temperaments that are sought across the country. Our trained pups have served Government forces from California to Germany, and been the consummate huggle-bears for families from Florida to Canada. Our caring for dozens and dozens of years led us to research a "true next-generation facility". More than 5 years were spent traveling, visiting and studying other kennels, other performance facilities, other day-care offerings, dog parks, groomers, vets and more. We collected 100's of pages of research and photos. We then sat down with designers, engineers, and most importantly, fellow dog owners, breeders and families to create the ideal "Pet Resort". A facility with all of the capabilities for events, classes, training, luxury boarding, short-term and long-term stays, spa and products in a safe and luxurious environment.

We're proud of our operations and that's why we open our doors to you for tours; without notice! Our front desk is open Monday - Saturday from 9am to 7pm and Sundays & Holidays from Noon until 5p. Stop on in!.

From Wyndham (10 Minutes Away!): Take Shady Grove Rd NORTH. Continue on Cauthorne Rd. Turn RIGHT on Ashland Rd., and RIGHT on Mountain Rd. (33). Then RIGHT on Gordon's Lane (Rt 730)and LEFT on Dude Ranch Road, to the end.

From Richmond: Take RT 33 (Staples Mill Rd.) NORTH. Pass under I-295, continuing on RT 33 (now Mountain Rd.)for 3.6 miles. Turn LEFT on Gordon's Lane (Rt 730) and LEFT on Dude Ranch Road, to the end.

From I-295: On I-295, take EXIT 49 A (Rt 33 NORTH). Go 3.6 miles. Turn LEFT on Gordon's Lane (Rt 730) and LEFT on Dude Ranch Road, to the end.

From 288 (South) and I-64 (West): Take 288 NORTH to I-64. Take I-64 East to I-295. Follow directions above for I-295.