Lodge and Learn®

Our Nationally Trademarked Lodge & Learn ® program, provides an Individual Educational Program ("IEP") to train and enrich your dog while staying with us. We tailor your dog's time staying with us to focus on particular behaviors and skills.

Our Process

Over the years, through consultation, development and review with top trainers across the country, we have put into place our Lodge & Learn ® program to provide a training enrichment during the time your dog stays with us for lodging!

Prior to the start of the stay, we meet with you to discuss and understand your concerns, ideas and/or wants. We review what can be addressed while your pup is with us. We go over what methods we employ (we are a balanced training R+ behavior house!) and how we will progress. We set realistic expectations to know what the outcome will be. Finally, we DOCUMENT these discussions, methods and goals into a formal Individual Educational Program ("IEP") that covers all of this!

During your pup stay, our training staff meet and work with your dog based upon your dog's IEP. Our facility operations staff are also involved, reviewing the IEP and ensuring their working with your pup follows accordingly. ALL OF US at the Ranch are here to help progress your pup in his growth.

We review together the results when your pups stay is over - and we included post-stay training as part of the IEP! Check out the list of possible Training Areas that we address with our Trademarked Lodge & Learn ® program!

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Lodge & Learn ® Training Areas

  • Basic Behavior - Sit
  • Basic Behavior - Stay
  • Basic Behavior - Down, Roll, etc.

  • Family Behavior - No Jumping
  • Family Behavior - Bite inhibition
  • Family Behavior - Excessive Barking

  • Community - Polite Meet & Greet
  • Community - Loose Lead / Leash Waling

  • Fun & Games - High 5
  • Fun & Games - Shake Hands
  • Fun & Games - Ride a Skateboard
  • Fun & Games - A Trick-A-Week - Take your pick!

  • Other - Got an idea? Let's Talk!

  • Pictures of your pet's progress can be sent!