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Christmas & New Year Holiday Reservations Available

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47+ Acres of Place To Play and Excersize!

Don't be fooled by a 10 min path walk,
or small fenced areas!


Pet Safe Meals!

Pet Safe Holiday meals available to pick up - or even delivered!

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We Are OPEN During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Offering Pick-up - Delivery - Curb-side Check-in

Safe - Caring - Luxurious

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The area's PREMIUM 5-STAR PET RESORT offering many special services not found anywhere else. We are a full service pet resort with LODGING, TRAINING, BOUTIQUE, GROOMING & DAY CARE. Why not give your pet the best? Click/call today!

About Us

We Are For Your Best Friend

The Dude Ranch Pet Resort® was conceived as a true next-generation facility. Together with fellow dog owners, breeders and families we sat down to create the ideal "Pet Resort". A dedicated facility with all of the capabilities for true personal care, short-term and long-term stays, spa and products, along with events, classes, and training, in a luxury and SAFE environment. We ARE for your best friend.

We've changed our hours to better serve our customers during the Covid-19 Crisis. Day Care continues to be offered Monday through Saturday as early as 7:30am, and pick-up as late as 7:00pm.
If you are a critical worker and need special hours for drop-off - or if you need us to pick-up your pup at your home or work, give us a call. We offer home pick-up and drop-off, Monday through Saturday on a reservation basis!
Our lodging is available (FRONT DESK) for drop-off or pick-up Monday to Saturday from 9am to 10am, and 4pm to 7pm. Our Sunday lodging in/out hours are from Noon until 5pm. As with Day Care, we can also provide pick-up or drop-off 7 days a week on a reservation basis!
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Most facilities in the pet world are unfortunately squeezed in next to an auto-oil change facility, tucked behind an active fire department, or even next door to huge chemical tanks and gravel truck yards. Not here! When your pup is outside at the Dude Ranch Pet Resort®, they're on 47 acres of quiet Mother Nature - private property with lakes, trees and fields! Our neighbors? Luxury homes on their own 10+ acre lots! Sure that means our driveway is LONG. Our street is named after us! But do you want your pups right out on a noisy busy street?

Your dog is part of your family, a human family. Sending your pups away to spend hours without true human interaction is not fair! The Dude Ranch Pet Resort® is NOT a communal facility. We don't toss your dog into a pack of dogs; one that changes daily! With our personal programs, each dog is hand walked multiple times a day. Outside play time on our 47 acres means 1,000's of sq ft of individual play yards for each guest. Your dog has human contact 24 hours daily. Our staff is your dog's pack, for eating, walking, playing and more. Along with optional group playtimes, we have HUMAN PLAY TIME and HUMAN CUDDLE TIMES! Our staff knows your pup by name and by the things your pup loves to do; balls, frisbees, even cuddles & belly rubs!

We'll admit it is great to win local recognition. It's exciting when our clients take the time to click in a local paper! THANK YOU! We're even MORE EXCITED and PROUD when we win State-wide competitions. Really, THANK YOU! Honestly, when we win NATIONAL RECOGNITION, WOW!
We appreciate "BEST OF GLEN ALLEN" year after year. We're delighted with top SUPER SERVICE AWARDS. But, when we get "THANKS DUDE RANCH - THE PREMIERE PROVIDER for TV's ANIMAL PLANET..." we are THRILLED!

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Event Center Too!

The Dude Ranch Pet Resort is an excellent venue for events! We annually host multiple events outdoors on our 47 acres, from Multi-Ring Outdoor AKC Agility trials, Outdoor United Schutzhund of America IPO Trials, Muskrat Races, Carting trials, and more; from small 5 member clubs to catered events serving over 500. Indoors, in our 6,000+sf performance hall annual AKC Obedience, Rally, and Conformation events are held, as well as ARBA, KC, USA-1 and APDT events.

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  • Call Us: (804) 798-7900
  • Fax Us: (707) 897-2184
  • Visit Us: Dude Ranch Pet Resort ®, 11015 Dude Ranch Road, Glen Allen, VA

We are staffed for our guests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Delighted to talk with you! Looking to stop by for a tour? Our Front Desk is open Monday-Saturday from 9a to 7p and Sunday & Holidays from noon to 5p.

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