Guest Policies

We do our best to make your life simple when having us care for your pet! Number One is ensuring a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for your pet! For that, we have just a few policies that ALL GUESTS must adhere to. We care about the well-being of our guests - so VACCINATIONS are a requirement. Next, our DROP-OFF/PICK-UP processes are important to make sure you are properly served and we get all the details of your reservation. Then, our NO HITCH-HIKERS policy ensures all of our guests are 'hitch-hiker' free (fleas, etc.). Upon your arrival we check - so you don't worry when they come home! Finally, we all go a bit crazy around Holiday times, and things slip through the cracks, so to ensure room availability, our CANCELLATION POLICY comes into play. We're here when you want us - and we don't say NO to you when we could say YES!