Day Care Services

Day Care, Group Play, & Enrichment

We can't think of a better way for your dog to enjoy each day when you're not available. Our programs are built on scientific methodology and behavior analysis. All dogs entering DAY CARE are required to go through an on-site evaluation session. Dogs are tested and evaluated for their social skills, play signals, ability to share, desire & drive, and food/toy protection. Even territorial and human-ownership control behaviors are evaluated.

Our staff knows that group Day Care play is not right for every dog. Many prefer human companionship - others seek some form of 1:1 games, still others who are happiest in quiet surroundings. Our evaluations and Day Care programs are designed to provide just the right program for your pet. Even our facility is specialized. While we do have 47 acres here at The Dude Ranch, we have set aside about 15,000 sq ft of space. This area provides for group AND INDIVIDUAL play spaces that are fully enclosed, fully secured, 100% safe, and FULLY SUPERVISED by our trained staff.

There are reasons why our Day Care program has served 100's of canine companions from both near and far. From our required formal evaluation, through to trained certified staff, the Dude Ranch Pet Resort® was founded on the principles of care and safety. Your dog is worth it - right?

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Service Highlights

  • Services available Monday through Saturday, year round.
  • Drop-off as early as 7:30am.
  • Half-day (~1p) and Full Day (~7p) available.
  • Detailed, structured, formal evaluation procedure for each and every dog.

  • 47 Acres outdoor, Over 5,000 sq ft indoor play space.
  • Play Groups, 1:1 Play, Quiet Time, and Grooming all available.
  • Focused programs set for Group and Individual time.
  • Experienced, Trained & Certified Staff, from programs including National DOG BEHAVIOR classes and advanced PLAY GROUP BEHAVIOR training.